Art by Andrea - One of a kind custom art! Available for commissioned work.
We had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Domingue at a juried art exhibit several years ago in Charlotte. Since we were newcomers to North Carolina, Andrea graciously offered to give us a tour of the Queen City & as a special thank you to her we purchased a lovely small painting from her. Her cheerful "Happy Blue-Jay" painting now hangs in our library & reminds us always of getting to know Charlotte. We are looking forward to welcoming her to Asheville!
Juliette & Harry Summers
Asheville, North Carolina
I have known and called Andrea my friend for over five years, and we share a common interest in photography.  Andrea truly sees the world through an artist's eye and is able to see beauty in almost anything. I proudly display 3 of her winter landscape photographs in my office and they seldom go unnoticed by my clients!
Duane Stover
Chicago, Illinois
I had the opportunity to meet Andrea Domingue at one of her exhibits in Charlotte several years ago. After seeing her work, I commissioned her to do a painting of my 3 beloved  cats. I have since lost one of my much loved feline friends and I'm glad that I have this great painting  as a memory.
Steve Newman
Charlotte, North Carolina
Having collected art from around the world, my style is eclectic and diversified. Each piece stands on its own in beauty and merit. The landscape that I commissioned Andrea to do for me from a photo taken while vacationing in Spain, is a stunning example of originality and uniqueness!
Brandon Faulk
Los Angeles, California
We cherish our beautiful, whimsical tree painting done by Andrea Domingue. The lavenders, yellows and greens in this painting work well, and in real harmony with our home de'cor. She is "one-of-a-kind" and was a pleasure to work with in creating a special piece for our home!
Catherine & Martin Glavina
Metairie, Louisiana
A couple of years ago I saw an exhibition of Andrea Domingue's paintings and photography, but unfortunately I hesitated to buy a photo that caught my eye.  In December I was pleased to find her website online.  I saw the photo I had always wanted and called to order it. The fall foliage photo now greets us each day when we return home and helps us relax.
Randy Rock
Alexandria, VA
Andrea is an outstanding artist. We have one of her amazing paintings hung in our home and enjoy its beauty on a daily basis! Her paintings are captivating and unique. 
Linelle & Marcel Domingue
Belle Chasse, Louisiana
Andrea is a wonderful artist, not only is she creative and fun to work with, but, she is a professional who truly cares about her clients. We requested a landscape painting of the Arizona Sonoran Desert, so we sent her a photo of our back yard in Arizona. Andrea captured it perfectly with the lines, shapes and textures, coupled with the vibrant color combination, the cactus, desert flowers, and mountains really come alive! We never tire of looking at this painting, nor tire of receiving the numerous compliments we receive from our visitors.
John & Lola Cross
Tucson, Arizona
After losing my beloved German-Boxer,"Lucy", I commissioned Andrea to paint a lasting memory for me. Lucy's spirit remains with me always. Thank you Andrea!
Tara Rivet-Cabiran
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Andrea is an incredibly gifted artist and painter. The spiritually themed painting that I commissioned her to do for me exceeded all my expectations! God bless, Andrea.
Kim Szabo
Greenville, South Carolina
Andrea's paintings reflect her sensitivity, energy,personality and creativity. Her floral paintings are special treasures. They celebrate the splendor of beautiful flowers, whether depicted singly or in a vase. Her paintings are full of life and they speak the language of the floral world with bright vivid colors, making her work clear and perceptible to everyone. Overall, her artistic talents are eclectic as she is quite versatile with various technical approaches. She uses a variety of media that result in extraordinary images, creating an inspiration to herself and to others.
Dr. Gerald Domingue
Zurich, Switzerland
Three of Andrea's lovely, pink floral paintings grace our daughter's bedroom wall, and she loves them! One of her Fleur de lis paintings hangs in our living room and always sparks conversation of our New Orleans roots. Love her work!
Nicole & Will Murphy
Houston, Texas
One of Andrea's mountain and wildflower landscapes hangs on our bedroom wall. We go to sleep and wake to its soothing quality each and every day! Her landscapes are so real that we feel like we are actually in that location!
Nick & Yvonne Bezmalinovic
New Orleans, Louisiana
I have several of Andrea Domingue's beautiful floral photographs and have lived with them for many years in my living room bookcase. I am a lover of flowers and her photos make me smile often, particularly when my garden is not in full bloom. Sometimes I feel as though her photographs come alive and the flowers are dancing around the room!
Etta Fialkow
Jacksonville, Florida
I am the proud owner of one of Andrea's gorgeous floral paintings!  The brilliant purple hues of her"Tulips" compliment my guest bathroom decor beautifully. Guests and friends always notice it and have rave reviews!
Hazel Saucier
Westwego, Louisiana